Pros: Respectable clarity in both stereo audio and recording. Lightweight and relatively comfortable if you are used to in-ears already.

Sound quality is superb for such bluebooth earpieces. I own the Shure E5cs and SEs so even though I do appreciate proper sounding earphones, these have relatively clean mids, okay highs tiny bit too brightand slightly weak bass; however, there is no clipping what-so-ever, so you never feel like you are using cheap earphones substitutes.

The width of the soundstage is surprisingly wide and these are truly stereo earphones I would say these are better than your regular Sony's, but thats really not saying much either. Factor in the fact that these are wireless and run on battery with a mic attached, it becomes a brilliant product. Overall Review: Unlike what some people claim, the controls are pretty intuitive and properly placed. For this deal on Newegg, I can't see any other product coming close to this pair of earphones.

I have these linked on to both my phone and my laptop; works great especially when traveling with your laptop. Pros: Easy pairing, multiple pairing, lightweight, long battery life,quick charging, clear sound from both sides. Cons: In ear design may bother some people, the stereo sound may not please picky audiophiles and saw no difference in sound with boom extended.

Overall Review: The is an upgrade to the which has always worked flawlessly. It does everything I've always wanted in a headset. All the sounds from the phone come through the headset including tv, music and even the ringtones.

The other great feature is that you can hear all sounds with or without the additional stereo earpiece, so you can always be silent to others around. The stereo sound is comparable to any standard in ear headphone and should be fine for anyone but the most discriminating audiophile. The in ear gels work great, snug and comfortable on me, so much so that I dont need the included ear hook.

The in ear design blocks out alot of ambient noise and is very helpful during conversations in noisy places. I have worn it all day without issue but can see how some might not like something deep in their ear.

All listed features work flawlessly with the razr2 v9m. All in all a very well built headset. Pros: - Good fit; comes with multiple ear hooks and ear plugs of varying sizes - Comfortable as all get out - Great sound quality, both incoming and ougtgoing - Easy to use. Overall Review: I bought this one specifically because of the lanyard and my mistaken belief that it paired with multiple phones.

Plantronics Top Selling Wireless Headsets

I carry two BlackBerries one personal, one for work and this was a feature that I really wanted. Overall it's a great headset, but I ultimately traded headsets with my wife, giving her the and taking her multi-phone pairing Voyager I thought I'd miss the lanyard, but I definitely don't miss the daily games of "let's go everywhere I've been today and find the missing headset or earplugs.

This, and the missing-headset issue, were both undoubtedly a byproduct of the headset dangling from the lanyard and getting caught on something.

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Pros: Good stereo sound quality, long lasting battery, light weight, comfortable for wearing all day. Pros: wow everything ive wanted in a bluetooth headset, ok sound quality, mic, and ear bud. Sound quality was better than i expected, and paired in a couple seconds.

Cons: the piece the second ear bud pops on seems flimsy as well as the extendable boom mic, i hope it lasts a very long time! Pros: Easy to set up and use. Works well with my Palm Pre for both phone and music player. Received audio sounds quite good. Cons: Callers tell me I sound 'ok' but not great.With an adjustable, ultra-stable sport-fit headband, sweatproof construction and up to 24 hours of power, these wireless sport headphones will keep up in and outside the gym.

Ultra-stable, sweatproof, and waterproof, these earbuds feature innovative Always Aware eartips, designed to let in ambient sound so you can simultaneously listen to music and hear your surroundings for safer training in any environment. And with up to six hours of power, you can listen from workout to weekend. Ready to deploy a world-class communications solution? Poly is here to help. Contact us or a certified partner in your area today to get started.

Sport Headphones Workout without Distractions Stay focused with wireless sport headphones that stay comfortably in place. Filter Search. Wearing Style over-the-head in-the-ear behind-the-head over-the-ear earbuds true wireless.

plantronics in ear headset

BackBeat FIT Wireless Sport Headphones. Learn More. Available Online. True Wireless Sport Earbuds. Learn More Data Sheet.

Plantronics Voyager Legend In Ear Headset - Black

Wireless Sport Earbuds. Next Steps. Connect with us today.This is my second one of this model just to see if it was my phone or headset breaking up. The original one still works 3 years later but went with the cheaper option first. I don't like that plantronics has added more voice prompts than my original one had. If it wasn't for that I would rate it 5 stars. Comfortable to wear all day and good sound quality but it seems to pickbup more background noise than it should.

This is the longest battery life headset that I have found and the battery does last all day plus depending on your usage. Great price and long lasting and definitely worth the money.

It's has good sound quality and volume, people on the other end hear you well and the battery lasts a long time between charges. Had a m70 that got messed up. Found this one on Ebay and couldn't resist the price. Works the same as the old one but could have more volume. I'm a fan! Seller Refurbished: Clean, Inspected, and Tested. Perfect Condition. Does not include original packaging. Comes in clear packaging and with micro USB charging cable.

Product Key Features Number of Earpieces.

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Plantonics M90 This is my second one of this model just to see if it was my phone or headset breaking up. Overall great product It's has good sound quality and volume, people on the other end hear you well and the battery lasts a long time between charges. OEM Plantronics M Love plantonics Apple AirPods Pro - White 4. New Airpods 2 with Charging case - White.

Plantronics Black Cell Phone Headsets.This wireless Bluetooth headset is so smart, that by simply putting it on your ear, it instantly solutions your cell phone or transactions calling back and forth between your cell phone and wireless headset. The Voyager PRO HD also features award-winning audio quality, disturbance termination, and three levels of wind disturbance decrease technological innovation to ensure that your speech is heard clearly regardless of the sort of atmosphere you're in.

The Plantronics my headset application that gives you tips, techniques and tools for Android-based cell phones, along with HD loading audio plus natural sound and superior comfort and you've got the wisest headset for mobile cell phones. Headset Amplifiers. Polaris Direct-Connect. Cordless Headsets. Mobile Bluetooth Headset.

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Headset Compatibility Guide. Plantronics Top Selling Wireless Headsets. Plantronics Headset The Voyager PRO HD also features award-winning audio quality, disturbance termination, and three levels of wind disturbance decrease technological innovation to ensure that your speech is heard clearly regardless of the sort of atmosphere you're in.

Plantronics Polaris Headsets. Plantronics 2. Plantronics M70 Bluetooth headset Comming Soon. Contact Headset Zone. Shopping Cart. Seattle, Bothell, Lynnwood, WA.IP57 dust and water-resistance Stable fit Comprehensive touch and physical controls Bluetooth 5. Battery life and sound quality are better than the BackBeat FITbut outdoor athletes may prefer the semi-open fit of the old model. When exercising at your local gym, the last thing you want to hear are the loud grunts and yells of the bodybuilders next to you.

Gym rats who were drawn to the price and design of the older BackBeat FIT will find plenty to love about the Using the BackBeat FIT earphones while stationary biking was a pleasure; though, the ear hooks occasionally caught on the towel as I tried to dry off. The dust and water-resistant build is a must-have for any multi-sport athlete. These earphones are very clearly designed for exercise: rubberized ear hooks keep the buds secure, while the ear tips have their own concha grip ring similar to the 1More Stylish.

Each earbud has a multifunction holographic panel that operates different controls. The right panel responds solely as a tactile button while the left earbud registers taps and presses. When I tested the old model, I was always aware of my surroundings, which was good for exercise but annoying for regular use.

However, with the model, I could passively block out my surroundings by default and enable passthrough audio when I wanted to keep an ear on my environment. The concha wing tip secures the housing to the outer ear but may not work for smaller-than-average ears. Working out with these earbuds was great: I spend much of my time rock climbing, so my hands are covered in chalk. When skateboarding and listening in mono mode, I never worried about whether the bud would fly out while practicing my novice ollie.

If you want to be able to swap which earbud is enabled for mono mode, you need to get the BackBeat app. You get to choose two functions from the following list: voice assistant access e. The only thing the BackBeat app is missing: the ability to create custom EQs. Whether inside or out, the earbuds stayed connected to my smartphone.

However, Plantronics is known for its professional headsets, and its engineers understand that connection strength is important: the company managed to create a true wireless headset with reliable connection strength within the stellar meter range. Our testing was performed with firmware version 2. We subject every headset to the same battery testa constant 75dB output, and these earbuds lasted a full 9 hours, 16 minutes before the batteries depleted which is pretty remarkable for a reasonably priced headset.

Although this input is outdated it still supports fast charging: inserting the buds into the case for 15 minutes charges them up for 1. Low frequency emphasis makes it hard to perceive midrange notes like vocals and instrumental resonances. The earbuds sound pretty good, but clearly follow a workout-friendly frequency response. Bass notes are emphasized and sound 1. The rest of the sound signature is fairly neutral—though, there are slight variations in emphasis and de-emphasis in the upper-mid and treble ranges.

Isolation is quite good, and significantly improved over the Plantronics BackBeat FIT due to the refreshed ear tip design. I was disappointed to see Plantronics and Poly only supplied consumers with three ear tipstwo of which are the same size.

Related: How to read charts. Higher pitched notes that complement the main bass notes are hard to hear with this headset and is the first sign of auditory masking. Masking only becomes more obvious as the song is welcomes other instruments and vocals.Work is still about getting stuff done.

It still depends on communication and collaboration.

plantronics in ear headset

There are toys for play, and there are tools for work. We build the latter. Headsets created for comfort and clarity. Technology that promotes connections, while tuning out distractions. Made to focus, Made to simplify.

Made to hustle, create and achieve. One size fits all is not typical in the enterprise. You and your teams rely on multiple platforms depending the use case. No matter which platform you use, Poly headsets seamlessly integrate to allow your team to hear and be heard. Officially certified for Microsoft Teams, Poly headsets help your workforce truly connect.

Make it easier than ever to work together—from anywhere. Learn the benefits of outfitting employees with professional headsets and the impact of software-based communications and collaboration on headset adoption. Ready to deploy a world-class communications solution? Poly is here to help. Contact us or a certified partner in your area today to get started.

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Made to work. Mobile Headsets. Office Headsets. Call Center Headsets. Wireless Stereo Headphones. Sport Headphones. Headset Accessories. Find the perfect headset.

plantronics in ear headset

Our product finder will guide you to the ideal headset for your needs and workstyle. Get Started. We Work Everywhere You Do. Platform Solutions. Find the Teams-ready solutions your workforce needs with Poly.Honestly I have purchased at least different designs and models of Bluetooth ear phone units and either they would sound bad on both sides, hurt my ears, people on the other side couldn't hear me or background noise.

I found this Plantonics product and I like it so much that I have ordered another just in case I ever lose it. I wear it and use it daily, around the house, office and mostly on the road.

PLANTRONICS In-The-Ear Bluetooth Headset (Voyager 855)

I am not going to be that person driving down the road holding a phone up to my ear, looking like an idiot. Not to mention it is illegal and will get you a ticket in a lot of places. The battery lasts for over a day or two, it tells you how much talk time it has and that the unit is connected. Simple to set up and to use. Seriously don't waste your time looking at others. I can tell you that I will never use another product or design.

If you need long talk time this is the earpiece for you. The Bluetooth version allows it to play music and video through the earpiece which works great, good volume, I drive an wheeler and I can hear over the engine noise. I sweat a lot and the ear cushion doesn't deteriorate over time like other brands I will buy again. The like the way it connects quickly and easily. Also I like that it tells me the number of hours talk-time I have left.

I Love it!! Good value. The only issue I have is when 2 phones are connected and phone 1 gets disconnected it becomes phone 2 when reconnected. I have to disconnected reconnect to get them back how I want them to work.

Other than that, great sound and easy controls. Battery life if far superior to previous sets I have owned. I recommend this product. I was originally skeptical because I have had the same Bluetooth by plantronics for years. It was an older model but I loved the way it fit. I lost it and tried to replace it but they no longer made that model but this one is basically that one but improved in areas!

I love how it tells you how much talk time you have left and shows battery life on your phone! I love that I can play music still and the range seems cool but it cuts in and out when I stand on my porch and the other model did not. In fact, I could go to my garage and take trash to curb with my phone in the house and still be connected on the other model.

All in all this is a great brand that I trust so I can't complain.